Pibox Overview

In Pibox communication organized by projects. For example "Music For Movies", "Music For Ads", "Electronic Music", etc.

In addition, each project may have several communication channels for easy discussing the same audio content and keeping all team updated with new files and mix edits. For example:

• Internal Review Team Channel (where team review and discuss audio)

• External Contractor Communication Channel (where producers send their audio and receive feedback from review team)

Each communication channel is fully loaded with features like:

• File Management and Storage

• Team Chat

• Waveform Commenting (including replies, votes, To-Do's)

• Versioning for Audio

• Hi-Res Files Support.

• Additional custom integrations or features by separate request

So, there is no need to switch to any other communication or file-sharing service. All content and conversations are in one place.

Unique time-saving features for production music libraries

Ability to communicate with production and review team in the same window.

You can easily switch between Internal and External communication to discuss the same files. It is dramatically saving the time on navigation between different websites and keeping the review team automatically updated with new file versions and overall production process.

How does it work?

For example, you have 2 communication channels: Internal Review Team Channel and External Contractor Communication Channel. When the file comes in from music production team into External Contractor Communication Channel it will be automatically duplicated to Internal Review Team Channel for the review team to evaluate the content privately. (it is also possible to forward files from 2 and more external channels into one)

And when the track is reviewed you can easily switch to External Contractor Communication Channel and give feedback to change the content. Keeping Internal Review Team Channel discussions private and in one place.

Ability to comment, reply and vote for audio content changes via Detailed Waveform Commenting Feature

Waveform comments for a time stamp or time range

Ability to play commented part to understand the exact place in track

Replies and votes for each commented part

Versions navigation for comparison in the File Storage View and in the Waveform Player

File storage and sharing for any type of files in each communication channel. So, you can keep all type of files inside communication channels without need to use other third-party storage or file-sharing service.

Team chat for project-level live communication, without interfering Detailed Waveform Comments

🛠Additional features and integrations that can be developed by request.
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