Learn how to set up 520 kbps streaming and calls

We’re pleased to introduce our new feature of personal stereo calls of high quality. The quality of calls reaches 510 kb / s Stereo in order to be able to fully demonstrate and listen to music through this communication channel.

Also, you can select a sound source, for example your DAW station for the ability to demo your pieces(compositions) without exporting them. When making a call, you can also turn on a video to be able to see the other person. At the moment, calls are only available for communication between 2 users.

How you can use audio calls

To communicate with audio and video, you just need to create a personal chat with whom the person you’re talking.

After entering such a chat room, at the top right you’ll see a button to start an audio or video call.

When you click on an audio or video call button, it’ll start immediately and after the other side answers the call, you’ll be able to start communication.

To demonstrate audio from a DAW station or other sources

You do the same standard actions for making a call, as described above. After that, during the call, you can choose the source of the incoming and outgoing sound.

In the drop-down menu, you can select the sound source. This can be any sound from the system (if a virtual card driver is installed), DAW stations or multi-channel sound card inputs.

Methods of demoing audio in the highest quality during audio and video calls

1st method (recommended):

Using 2 mono outputs and 2 sound card inputs. You need to connect 2 mono outputs (left and right) of your sound card, with mono jacks to two mono inputs. You then select the connected mono inputs as the sound source in the drop-down menu during the call.

2nd method:

Install a special virtual sound card driver.

• If you have a Mac https://goo.gl/qQYGzm

• If you have Windows https://goo.gl/A6dLE7

Now you can select the driver with the appropriate name as an output in your DAW or other system, and then select this driver in the drop-down menu of selecting the inputs as an input during a call.

Lifehack: You can communicate with the other side while demoing the sound from the DAW if you create an additional track for your voice and turn on the microphone monitoring for it.

3rd method:

Install any software that’s convenient for you in which you can capture sound from any program and redirect it to Pibox.

List of supported programs:

Loopback https://rogueamoeba.com/loopback/

Audio Hijack https://rogueamoeba.com/audiohijack/

Virtual Audio Cable http://vb-audio.pagesperso-orange.fr/Cable/

Install the program. In the drop down menu of the program, select the source of the audio capture (for example your DAW), and then select this program in the Pibox drop-down menu during the call.
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