Four easy steps for Move or Copy files or folders:

Step 1. To move/copy a file or folder, choose the file or folder you need, click on the ellipsis, and select the desired operation in the pop-up window, i.e., Move or Copy.

Step 2.

Next, you see the pop-up for moving or copying a file or folder (in this case on the screenshot, we are moving the file).

In this window, you can see the groups and projects of your Team, where you can move and copy files.

The group or project from which the file or folder is being moved or copied will be labeled "Current Group/Project" and a blue line on the left. To select the group/project you want to move or copy the file or folder, click on the desired group/project ( in this case on the screenshot, the "VIVA" group was selected).

Step 3. Select the project you need in which you want to move or copy the file or folder.

Step 4.

  • If you want to move/copy a file/folder to a selected project, click on the "Move/Copy here" button.

  • If you want to move/copy to a new separate folder, then follow these steps:

  1. Click on the "New Folder" button

  2. Fill in the name of the folder

  3. Click the "Move/Copy here" button.

If you are moving/copying a file and not a folder, you can choose whether to show this file in the project chat or not (put a checkmark in the left corner of the screenshot if necessary)

Another way to move or copy files and folders

Drag-and-drop the file, i.e., move the file to the folder of your choice you can only within the files of your project.

Hold down the file you need and drag it to the folder of your choice.

For Enterprise plans:

You can move and copy files between teams in your workspace. This new ability has been added for Enterprise plan users with the team merging feature.

How to do this:

Click on the drop-down list with teams to the left of the 'New Folder'' button and select the team you need. After that, choose the path you need from another team to move the file/folder.

What's next:
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