Important: Only the user role Owner can access the Billing Settings for their Team

How the invoice is formed:

Monthly Payment

If your subscription changes during the month (you removed a member or added a new one, expanded storage) - this will be reflected in your bill for the next month, taking into account the changes you made.

In addition, if multiple users are added or removed during your billing cycle, they are billed according to the time used or unused in the current month and next month based on the changes you make.

For example:
You have three members on your team, and you pay $30, but after a week, you decide to remove one member from the project - the next month, you get an invoice recalculated for the unused time of the removed user (in this case, the user's used time is three weeks). The same rule applies when adding a new user - the invoice is generated for the next month, taking into account the addition of a new user and calculating the price by the time used by him.

Annual Payment
If you buy an annual subscription, an overall invoice is generated at the end of the year, which is calculated according to the number of added user seats and the amount of time used by these users.

The annual payment has the same calculation mechanism as the monthly payment and invoices are issued based on the changes in the payment period.

Currency conversion:
Our pricing is in US dollars. If you use another currency, the amount will be converted to dollars based on your bank's exchange rate at the time of payment.

Multiple Teams:
If you have multiple Teams in Pibox and have an Owner role in each of them, you will receive an invoice for each of them with an active subscription.

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