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Communicate with any team member in a separate chat

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Using the Private Chats feature, you can:

  • communicate with any team member in a separate chat

  • personally send files to the user and write private messages without creating different groups and projects

The Private Chats feature is available on the Team plan.

Сlick the "Private Chats" button in the left panel of your workspace, right above your groups and projects.
You have your private zone with your individual private chat, and you can create this zone for other private chats with anyone from your team.

Follow the next steps to easy ways to use Prive Chats:

Method 1 - in the private chat space:

  1. Click on the plus button, and click on "Create private chat" in the dropdown list;

  2. In the open pop-up, select a user, click on him, and chat will create automatically.

Method 2 - Creating a private chat through user info:

  1. Click on the user's avatar with whom you want to create a private chat. You can do this in the project chat or the project settings;

  2. Сlick on the "Private chat" button, after which a private chat will be automatically created

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