What is Pibox?

Pibox is an all-in-one cloud-based collaboration platform. Here you can comment, review and discuss music, videos, and images together with your team and clients.

Ok, what can I do with Pibox?

With Pibox, you can significantly speed up music content reviews by improving your communication. For example, you can leave comments right on an audio track to highlight even the smallest details. Store and share files of any format, create checklists, manage task statuses, add teammates and clients to the project, and a lot more! But first things first.

Let's take a closer look at your first steps with Pibox in a little more detail.

To begin with, create groups (folders) or separate projects for collaboration. You can create any structure for your team or clients. Only members have access to projects they are a part of.

Here is an example of separated projects inside a folder:

Create your first project and invite people easily by using an email or link.

With our Free Plan, you get 1GB storage, up to 2 projects, and up to 2 users. If you want more users and features, consider upgrading your Pibox plan.

Next, drag-n-drop audio, image, or video to comment and share any other files. Also, you can send messages, preview content, or enter the comment mode of each media file right from the chat.

Press the "Comment" button to enter the comment mode and leave your comments on any part of the track.

Use the "Files" tab to manage all your files and share them.

Have any questions? Talk with us directly using live chat:

Thank you for choosing Pibox! We have created a convenient and versatile multi-tool to make your creative collaboration as simple and effective as possible.

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