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Comment right on the waveform
Comment right on the waveform

How to comment directly on the waveform

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With Pibox, users can comment right on the waveform of an audio file, providing specific feedback on a particular section of the recording. This feature makes collaboration on audio projects more efficient and streamlined, as team members can quickly pinpoint areas of the recording that need attention.

The range on the waveform is straightforward to use; you need to hold the mouse and move in any direction; after that, you can drag this range along the track and reduce this range as you need, or press the "Range" button, then you will have the same range with which you you can work.

To leave a comment, follow these steps:

Step 1. Open the file and select the range on the desired section of the track

Step 2. Write a comment and publish it by pressing the "Enter" key or the button "Submit a comment."

Once your comment has been published, your collaborators can provide feedback.

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