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What are customizable file statuses, and how to use them

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You can set up 15 different statuses and change them as you like. Statuses help keep track of what stage each task is at. This feature starts from the Team plan.

To get started creating new file statuses, you need to go to the "Team Settings" page.

There are 2 ways to switch this page:

Way 1: When choosing a file status, at the bottom, there is a "+ Add new" button; by clicking on it, you will go to the "Team settings" page;

Way 2: Click on "Profile settings" or "Manage members," and after that, click on the "Setting" tab.

In this way, you get to the page "Team settings.”

Now you can personalize the statuses. Here is a quick guide on how to do it:

  1. To create a new status, click on the "Add New" button, create a name, for example, "New file," and click the checkmark.

  2. To change the status color, click on the palette icon and select the desired color in the drop-down list that opens.

  3. To rename a status, click on the pencil icon and rename the status.

  4. To delete the status, click the trash icon and confirm this action in the open popup.

  5. To swap statuses, move the cursor over the icon in the form of two stripes, then hold it down with the mouse, and then move the selected status between others.

  6. Default file status - this parameter specifies what status the file will have when it has just been loaded into the project. To change it, click on the status selected there and select from the drop-down list the status displayed on newly uploaded files. For example, we have selected the "New file" status to make it easier to see new files.

Due to the flexibility and adaptability of the status change functions, the team is more efficient in making progress and requires greater collaboration. Don't miss out on your workflow with Pibox and its unique file status customization functionality.

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